I have always liked to read, but since the girls were born, reading has become increasingly difficult.  I fight the...should I read or should I just get some sleep...and sleep usually won.  BUT as part of my wish list for 2011, I am going to choose the read option....well try to choose it more often.

If you are reading a good book...and would like to share, please do as I am always looking for new books to read.  I will post the books I have read, when I unpack them from the move...and share my thoughts.

My current book is # 1 of the Stieg Larsson trilogy..."The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo"....if it is a page turner I may try the next 2.

Well I have made it through this book and I have to say I want to read the on to the "The Girls who Played with Fire"

I must say e-readers are where it is at....I love mine.  Darcy got me one for Mother's Day.  The concept of readin on a screen did not thrill me until I tried it.  Now I actually use the library, signed up for a card and everything.  The downloading is quick and easy and by borrowing from the library, saves some bucks too.  Most books that you can buy are cheaper than buying the actual book and all theclassics are free.  If you were thinking about getting one and were not quite sure, try one out.

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