Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Repeat after me...

Well the time has come…they girls are picking up on my habits and repeating what I say. I never realized it before, but boy oh boy do I say “crap, crappy or oh crap” a lot. Sophia has really picked up on this and when I am having difficulty putting on their sandals or doing up a zipper, she says “oh crap” in her best Barry White voice. At first I was like…did she really say that?? No it just sounded like that. But after a time or two I realized that she was repeating me…Oh crap!
Emily picks up on my body language or tries to repeat what I do. I caught her looking at me and playing with her hair….twirling her fingers and concentrating on how I was doing it, like Aunt Anne, gramma and I do. She also likes to get a hold of my makeup blush brush and apply it in the same manner as me...a couple strokes on the left and then the right and a bit down the middle. One day I looked at her and thought man she is hot maybe I will take off her sweater – her cheeks looked reddish like she was hot. Then I saw a bit of shimmer and realized she had my blush on.
I guess it is time for mommy to straighten up!
Ciao R-xo

Saturday, May 21, 2011

We are 2! Party, Party, Party!

Our babies are 2 – a milestone I could not image getting to when they were born, but I am so glad we are here!
“I have a party today mommy?” “Yes Sophia we have your birthday party today, after night-nights” “ Okay I go night –nights now?” It was 10am……She was so excited for her party. If you ask the girls how old they are, they will tell you “2” and then hold there pointer fingers up side by side to show you the number of years – 2. Sometimes Emily will continue counting and then say she is “eleventeen or twelveteen” she cannot decide!
The day was action packed, we started out by going to a community garage sale and then off to the grocery store to get a few things – chips in particular for the party!
Family and friends joined us as we celebrated this precious milestone in our lives.  
This year they really got the concept of blowing out candles – although they were a bit shell shocked to have everyone sing and cheer as we sang a birthday song for each of them and mommy too!
“I have a party today mommy?” “No not today Sophia, we had your party yesterday, now go back to sleep” it was 5:30am on Sunday morning….she really likes to party!
On the actual day of their birthday, dressed them in their princesses dresses and sent them to MM's.  She had a party for them too.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Big girl beds are a hit!

The girls have taken really well to their toddler beds. It was like the cribs did not exist. We decided to make the leap in just about the opposite way you might hear or read about – making the switch… we did it kinda like rippin a bandage…fast and no looking back. I did read some articles about making the switch, but they all read like a 1960’s homemakers guide. 
  •       Talk with them about what is happening, greet them at the door with a fruit smoothie and let them enjoy it in their new bed, give them a sense of joy and good feelings, cause they had a busy day, let them know their new surrounding are warm and inviting……..blah, blah, blah – ripe the bandage!
We did it on a Sunday afternoon, after their nap.(should have been on a sat and at nap time to give them some time to warm up to the idea and a few nights for mom and dad to enjoy the chaos and not have to work the next day) We disassembled the cribs and set up the big girl beds. They girls played in their new beds for about 20 minutes and then we packed them up and went to Gramma/Poppa’s for supper. By the time we got home it was late so jammies and bed…..no fuss, they climbed right in and were excited to be surrounded by new things. Of course there was a lot of bed hopping and movement but after a few …”get into bed it is night-night times” mostly from Daddy…they were off to dreamland. It was pretty comical listening to a grown man get all stern when saying night-night! In the morning Sophia was kinda stunned that she could get out and come to our room. She stood in the doorway until I said come over and climb into bed. I wonder how long she would have stood there?
The first few nights the girls ravaged their bookshelf after the lights went out, but within a few nights that stopped. Sophia still has a bit of a time when going to bed. She want to “snuggle mommy” until she goes to sleep. A habit I am NOT willing to part-take in at this time, but she does get lots of snuggles.
We did change one night time routine. We now will lay down beside them and recap the day, chat about all the fun times we had, who we saw, the misbehaved moments and how they will be better behaved next time. We also say some prayers. It is kinda nice to think about what went on in the day, putting it into perspective seems to provide clarity around all the things that got done, or are still to do.
When they wake up, they were coming into our room to see us.  Now they wake each other up and read books or chat back and forth. I went in to check on them and found them both sitting in Emily’s bed.  It looked like Emily was reading Sophia a story. Those moments are precious and comforting, as I know they really do love and care for each other.
I did wake up one morning to the sound of the toilet flushing..thinkin that's weird as Darcy was still in bed, then I got wide eyed!  The girls were on the loose!
We have had a few “duckies down” both girls have fallen out and kept right on sleeping. One night, Emily had slipped out the side and looked like she was saying her night time prayers, kneeling beside her bed, sound asleep. 
Now if we could just get them to sleep in until 7am and not want to be up at 5:30….