Sunday, July 25, 2010

We Have Another Walker!

I am happy to report that We have another walker.  Sophia is on the move and walking like a she has been doing it for weeks (closet walker) and just now has decided to show off...and at Gramma Alice's house no less.  This makes things interesting.  I have to be in two places at is like they talk about this before I bring them down from their naps to play.  "okay..when she lets us down, you go for the fridge magnets and I will stand on the toddler chair to distract her and then you can chuck the fridge magnets in the garbage..okay drop and run!" 

So I have been busy completing the girls 1st year memory book and for the first time I am doing this on-line through an on-line scrap booking company called Heritage sister-in-law is a consultant and has gotten me into this.  If anyone is interested in this, as you can make alot of other stuff, scrapbook pages etc..and it is easy with all the digital photos (no deciding what pics and then having them printed..) you can get in contact with her at and she will lead you through it.  I am amazed that I have completed their birth book and now I have to work on their milestone books...


Thursday, July 8, 2010

I just need more time

I have been back to work for about a month and I feel like I have added chaos to my already crazy schedule. Routine, Routine, Routine, if I hear another person tell me I am not in a routine yet, or I need to get into a routine I will jump off a bridge (not literally, although some days I wonder….) like I don't want the madness to stop!

I am a planner, it is in my nature...or as my husband would think neurotic, crazy calendar lady..oh look her comes the calendar again, lets run and hide! It is just that I like to be organized, know what I am up against…and I like to be a step ahead of my sister when it comes to securing babysitters, cause we use the same ones..our parents!

With my sister having twins before me I sometimes look at her life or ask for her experiences when her girls were my girls age….so far there is no comparison…my girls are just the opposite of what hers were. Her girls would sit in a high chair and enjoyed dinner with the rest of us…my girls will sit for 5 minutes, not eat anything and then cry to get out, no sitting with the family through dinner so we eat one at a time. Her girls would go with the flow, be content with whatever was going on...mine..well I am guessing you are picking up a theme here…so discussing child rearing is not easy and mostly frustrating for me. This is probably one of the things I did not expect, this much craziness. Don’t get me wrong I am not expecting smooth sailing, but the constant craziness all day, every day was not what I was expecting… so far lesson learned is not to plan so much and enjoy the time we have with the girls as they are only going to be 13 months once! easier said then done right?


Thursday, July 1, 2010

My Little Parrot & First Bumps

Emily has her own language but Sophia has turned into quite the little parrot. She tries to repeat a lot of what you say, even though she does not know what it is she is saying. We were reading a bed time story and I was pointing out the butterfly. She would start to say "but, but fel, butfel" and then out pops…"poopy" (with smiles behind it)! What a girl. My little parrot!

We officially have had our first bloody lip and nose…all in the same weekend and all done by Emily. Poor munchie, I am surprised she still wants to walk with all the falls and "tragedy" she endures. For her bloody lip she tripped and fell against the leg of the chair and for her bloody nose she walked onto the swing while her sister was swinging in it.

Everything is totally devastating to her..from when you say "no, don't touch that" to a minor fall, to a bloody nose…she puts both hand in front of her mouth and wails, and tears start to come and then some more machine gun wailing. Let's not forget the verbal scolding that follows…..abadabpa, beddda, apieapie and she is so upset about, it like I was the one who injured her and she is not going to stand for it! But like most kids..give her a few minutes and she is laughing and playing like it never happened…and of course she tried to walk in front of the swing again..this time daddy had her number!

Happy Canada day all.