Thursday, June 30, 2011

Happy Canada Day

The girls had a party for Canada day while at daycare.

Cheers to you and we hope you have a terrific long weekend.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Just like they hear it

The last 6 months the girls have really stepped it up with their vocabulary.  I was remarking to my husband the other day about how the girls can express themselves verbally, very clearly their wants (and "not want it" its).  So just like a song you thought you new the words to - the girls have made up some of there own words, just like they hear it.
  • Swings are called "wee, wees"
  • the love seat swing is called a "rocky rock"
  • the robes they wear after bath, they call their "robots"  
  • my jewellery is called "mommy's pretties"
  • the mother Robin that squawks when we are close to her nest is called "the mamma bear"
  • a kite is called a "diamond" or "daddy fly a diamond" cause he flew a kite for them one day
  • when they want out of their car seats or highchairs where they have been strapped in - they ask us to "open gate"
  • Toothbrush is called a "teefee" and toilet paper is called " a nosey"  
  • and when they see writing such as in the newspaper they call it "A,B,C,D's"
  • blueberries or peas are called "balls"
I kinda wonder what they I know. There will be many more as they continue to develop and learn.