Friday, June 25, 2010

Munchie is on the Move

Well last night after I got home from a very looooong drive (work thing)…we were sitting in the family room and Emily started to walk without making a dive to the couch..we clapped and cheered like she just won a gold medal...(in my mind she did) She is walking a few steps..standing in the middle of the room..doing a few jumps, which she is famous for, and then continuing on to the couch….she then turns around, claps and laughs for herself….soo cute! If she is unsure she drops and crawls to her it will be neat to see what progress she has made when I get home tonight.

Sophia...still a wobbly little colt but she did make it up the step in the family room and back down again… so Darcy told me..she did this while he was out of the room..hummmm. He said he came into the kitchen and she was standing at the sewing machine table..then when he came back she was at the phone by the couch in the family room…hummmm I somehow think a fairy swooped down and gave her a little nudge, cause I did not see it

So when I came home tonight my husband said..."we have a surprise for you mommy" Houston we have a climber! When I walked in the door she climbed right up the one step in the family room and zoomed on over to me….and her climbing has not stopped there…to our amazement she has already climbed the entire set of stairs….with mommy in tow of course. What a little monkey…..yesterday she was whining to get someone to help her up the step in the family room and today conquering the stairs…her moto is if I cannot do it right the first time then I will wait until I can.  No more racing back and forth like a caged monkey, crying until someone comes over and gently guides her up and over the step.

I am glad that my husband is home some of the time to witness these events, cause hearing about them from someone else would make me feel guilty for going back to work and not being there for them. I do not want to miss anything that goes on in their lives, I want to be there to share the triumphs and pitfall, cause face it, we all know how live goes and anything we can do to make it better for the ones we love, we do!


Monday, June 21, 2010

The move and beyond!

So the days leading up to the move had been hectic. We, the girls and I, had been living with my parents in order to completely disasemble all the baby stuff, kitchen stuff and pack in the storage bin. The storage bin has been a god sent to us….it made the move that much smoother. I have to admitt I was a bit neuratic when it came to the packing. The thought of a box of misc stuff packed together would of sent me over the edge. All the candles or picture frames had to be in a box together even of that meant running to a few different rooms and gather stuff up. I had a good system until the last few days where stuff just got crambed into the storage bin or a box (not by me..). Urgh..

I have to say thanks to all who helped...we had help the weekend before, packing the storage bin and moving the heavy stuff out of the house, help with the packing of stuff and breakables..And of course the help the day of...You guys were such good sports about it all..cause face it we all hate to move and even worse help someone to move.  Thanks to Julie who did most of the cleaning as I raced around looking in every nook and cranny to be sure we did not forget anything....

To my surprise my loving husband, who did not want to see his wife have a melt down on moving day, sneakedly secured a key and garage door opener from the couple who we bought the house from.  So by 2pm we were in and unpacked!  We officially got possion of the house at 5pm, but by then the moving was over with.    Now it is just the daunting task of unpacking and trying to find a place for eveything.  I cannot believe this stuff fit in a 1500 sq ft home and now we have 3200 sq of living space and I still have a hard time with where to put stuff...esp tupperware right Cindy!

Adjusting to our new surroundings has not been a challenge, infact it has been a very long awaited and welcome change.  The girls fit right in…they are kinda go-with-the-flow types most of the time, so the changing of the houses did not seem to bother them. In fact, the new house might buy us a few months as they explore and figure out a new space…then we will have to move again! NOT


Monday, June 14, 2010

Back to Work Blues....

I miss the girls... I miss our days together and now I just sit at my desk and wonder what they are doing, cause before I knew what they were doing....throwing toys, talkin up a storm, crawling all over the place, laughin at you when you smiled at them, the list can go on....I jut plain old miss them!

I've had a lot of coworkers stop by and chat since I have been back to work…most of the questions/conversations revolve around the girls, none about me. I can handle that since being second fiddle to the girls.. has been this way for quite some time now. The most popular comments have been.."they are not identical are they?" (like shock…when twins do not look the same) or wow you must be busy, (nope only the moms with singletons are busy)

The most popular question is…."are they walking yet?" and when I say "no, not yet, just crawlin", I get the ohh, looks, like I have horns coming out of the top of my head. Now…something I have learned by being a mom is…do not ask about the "developmental milestones" achieved, not achieved….whatever…I hate the "every baby will develop in their own time" speech that follows…so when one of my co workers jumped in and said that crawling babies = genesis..I just had to Google it and there were lots of sites on it. The jest of it was..mobility is linked to brain development and crawling can stimulate brain growth. Do not over encourage infants to stand or walk..they will do it when they are ready. WOW… my girls are like little crawling athletes!



Tuesday, June 8, 2010

moving is no picnic

Moving has been no picnic….…a lot to organize between helpers and mail and child care and cleaning and timing of stuff…I am slowly realizing that I cannot get it all done in the amount of time I have left….and I am getting some flax from family on how I want to do the move - so family if you are reading this…smile and just agree.  I need a magical "moving" fairy to swoop in pick up the pieces…

So far lessons learned - and we have not even moved yet!
  • do not share your moving plans with family unless you like the, oh I would have done it this way..or why do that? converstaions,
  • do not constantly talk about the move with your husband as I quickly learned we both have different ideas of how to move and could of just saved the anxiety between us to one day instead of 3 weeks..
  • do not start back to work 2 weeks before you move - definaltly would not do this again!
  • do accept help from anyone and everyone who fact nail down a day and time when they ask…this way they cannot make "other plans".
  • do not stop grocery shopping - you end up eating everything in your freezer you did not want to eat any other time….like cereal and frozen bread/bagels (toasted) for lunch with 4 kinds of frozen veggies…and expired chocolate…5 days in a row!
  • do stock up at the liquor store (you are not going to move it anyways..)…packing is much better when you carry your glass of wine around with you as you pack
  • do not pack the booze first!!!big no, no not sure what I was thinkin when I did that?!?
  • do not mention to your husband that for fun..maybe we should "get jiggy with it" in each room before we leave…they are like elephants..they never forget!
that is my rant for the day…somehow I feel better….

R - xo

Sunday, June 6, 2010

What has become my NEW normal

I have come to quickly realize that my normal is a constant changing of the guard….these days only one of us can get any real stuff done like packing, cooking or cleaning, cause the other one has to pay close attention to the "monkeys on the move" or feed them or change them or bathe them….I could go on…and with my return to work, my days are really shorten.

So, I broke the baby gate on fri…now it is a real challenge watching them. The other night we were all in the kitchen, or so I thought…when I looked over to where Sophia was to be sitting and realized she was not…..Yikes! Sophia had made her way to the stairs and was sitting on the top danglin her feet over……(I was with Emily as she was climbin in the dishwasher and daddy was doing the dishes)… …did not think she could move that fast….life is a whole new playground for them and they are going to take advantage…I just have to make it this week without this darn gate as the new place does not need one except for the stairs.

On Sunday, the girls were with my parents, they had them overnight cause we went to a wedding, Congratulations Jeff & Lindsay.  Sophia has this thing...this screaming/crying thing where she can out scream anyone, so my dad and her had a screaming dad kept saying that he could scream louder than her, but I don’t was close!  She did stop crying, which might have been his goal.

Ahh my new normal.  Some how being away from it all day...makes me miss them even more.