Friday, August 27, 2010

Where did August go?

Have you ever had a weekend that seemed to go on and on..?  Well, we just did and I loved every minute.  It felt like the old days, before kids where there was always something to attend.  First off was pizza in the park.  The girls had a blast running around the park and seeing all the animals..."horsey" and "baby"  were the words of choice and swingin in the "wee, wees" was a crowd pleaser. Aaron takes the cake with the most under-doggies any kid I know has gotten.  He suckered all of us in, regardless of foot wear! Thanks for the great time Mike and Shelley.

petting zoo
The Proposal

The next day we were off to a birthday where there were pony rides and lots of space to run around.  The girls loved the "horsey" rides, even though there are no smiles in the pics and the mini petting zoo.  I think they would have stood at the fence forever. humm...maybe we need one...  Pookie was proposed to in traditional style, while her sister got all the smoochin time with the new bo...hopefully this is not a sign of what is to come.  Austyn what are you doin?  keepin your options open?  It was too cute.  Thanks Jess for the pics and the laughs at the kids expense!  Happy Birthday Denton!

Pookie & Mommy
Munchie & Daddy
The fun did not stop there the next day...we headed to a local family fun fair where we played in bouncy castles in between the downpours.  The girls loved it, especially the part where they ate cheezies, lemon pie and a side of melon for supper.  It has been a great summer, full of adventures and fun with the girls.  But it has also been an emotional time as my father has had to go through a pretty major surgery to remove a cancerous tumor.  The road to recovery has been long and fraught with unexpected health challenges that doctors have not been able to fix.  I'm going to have to stop now as I am getting too choked up just thinking about it.  But seriously where did August go?!


Friday, August 6, 2010

What the Beach..did I do?

Little Pookie
The title of this post says it all.  We went on a family outing yesterday to the beach.  I am kinda obsessed with getting the girls exposed to different stuff and doing stuff as a family.  Darcy does not have this same obsession so going to the beach for the day was already on his" this may not go so well" radar.

We were meeting up with my sister, her family and a few others who are renting a cottage and vacationing for the week.  We left in the morning so the girls could have their morning nap, so far so good.  We arrived in time for lunch and a quick visit with friends who live in the area.  Then we sun screened up and headed to the beach..this is where the troubles began.
Munchie & Daddy

Emily was tired and started to rub her eyes with her hands, big mistake as she had sun screen on them and rubbed it into her eye.  We did not know it at the continuing on...we got to the beach and proceeded to carry the stuff down....way too much stuff...but of course I had to have it all at the beach just in case we needed a couple trips later we were set-up and started to change the girls into their suit.  Emily had been fussing for a bit and we were not sure why.  I thought she was tired and just needed a nap, but she was having no part of that.  Then the wailing started, she was so upset that she broke out in a red rash all over her face.  We finally figured it out that she had something in her eye and started to flush it out.  This was not working, so Darcy walked with her to settle her down...nope.  We flushed it again and she started to settle down.  At this point I was starting to pack up and head back to the car, who wants to be at the beach with crying children?
About the only smile we had from daddy!

Oh, Sophia was crying too, because she might of gotten a grain of sand on one toe and she was within sight of the water.  She sooo does not like the water, grass or sand on her feet.  I hope this changes by next summer.  Emily started to come around and was playing in the sand with her cousins..So I decided to stick it out for a bit.

I am glad I did cause we ended up having a good afternoon, a good supper and a nice bonfire before we headed home.  I knew we would be going home in the dark, and the girls will sleep in the truck, so that part was good.  One thing I did not think of was the amount gas needed to get us all the way home.  This is a big problem because we were driving in the country, where all the small towns lock down by 9pm, except for the local Tim Horton's.  When Darcy asked "how far can we drive with the light on" I began to panic....I pictured us at the side of the road, trying to stick it out until 7am when the gas station opened...not a good picture.  So for about half the ride home, I was nervous and I was wishing that cars run on coffee..cause they were open.
By the time we got to Listowel the truck was runnin pretty low and to our luck the gas station was open.  I almost kissed the pump!
Emily & Lilly playin nice

The day was not a total bust..but there are a few lessons learned....

  • Never put sunscreen on the hands of me I am not doing that again!
  • Do not over pack for the beach...talking two trips to get all the stuff to and from the car is tiring!
  • Do not take dips to the beach...they are sand magnets
  • Pack booze..and drink it before it goes warm
  • When things get not sit in your beach chair, laugh and open a husband did not appreciate this, nor did he find any of this funny
  • Be sure to fill your truck up with gas before the gas stations close
I must say that I am not rushing back to the beach anytime girls it is you, me and the turtle pool!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Cryin' over spilled milk

I feel like I’m running non-stop these days, not a new feeling, but a reoccurring one..... and have far too many snippets of thoughts and ideas bouncing around in my head to even make any sense of them most of the time. I don’t know about you, but when I get mentally blocked up the best cure of all is to dump it out in order to remove the blockage..which is not happenin' these days.....Between the toddler talk, the daily maintenance of running a house and maintaining a career...leaves no time for pillow talk and that makes me kinda sad.  I loved our funny yet deep conversations, my husband and I had laying in bed pitch black....something made it seem uninhibited by talking in the dark.  We connect differently and talk differently and it is kinda nice to do that without a coffee in hand or the TV playing in the background.  So why does this have to stop?  Oh ya...raising the twins has taken over and I mean consumed anything we have left in us by the end of the night even our conversations start with "so how were the girls today?" or "What did the girls do today?" or just general conversations about them...eating, pooping and playing.  Now...I knew that this would happen, but I am still mystified that is does...and that only the dishes get done at night and nothing else.  So now we go to different times, put in our sleeping guards and do not stir until the girls wake for their bottles...7am!  Things of the past, do they ever come back?