Thursday, July 28, 2011

Farm girl at heart

"Emmy, where are you going?"  "I am going outside mommy to sit on the wheat"  it took me a minute to figure it out...she was talking about sitting on the giant straw bales in our back yard. 

Last night I took the girls out to the field in our backyard to play with the straw.  Emily loved it, in fact she even picked up the straw, throwing it into the air and then picked up a long piece and put it in her mouth.  We have not been on a farm where she would have seen that, so that kinda made me wonder. 
Sophia just cried and wanted to be held....she heard the tractor reeve up as it was picking up the bales and stacking them on a wagon - from the other side of the field...She cried like a tiger was about to eat her...poor little duckie.   I tried to snap a few pics with her in them, but she was so scared, it was hard to leave her there when she was so upset.

Emily on the other hand loved it.  At one point she thought the bale might move while sitting on it - "common, give me my ride"  she said as she jumped up and down.

When it was time for bed, Sophia could not run fast enough to the deck.  Emily stood in the field looking out over the horizon like she was contemplating what crop to plant in the field.  When she was done we went in the house and off to bed.  Since we are potty training the girls, potty time had to happen before bed.  When I helped her out of her undies....a pile of straw fell on the floor and a bunch was still stuck to her belly.  It was cute as she picked off the straw and then she put one piece in her mouth, just like a farmer.  Sophia was more concerned there was a mess on the floor and "Emmy did it" 

She is a farm girl at heart!


Friday, July 22, 2011

The sucky is gone!

For the past few nights, Emily has drifted off to sleep without that annoying, plastic sucking sound oozing out of her mouth – the sucky is a thing of the past. I told her about a week ago (I flush it mommy) that in a few nights there would be no more sucky, she is a big girl. She hummed and hawed about it and then the other night she told me she was a big girl and did not need a sucky. We immediately took them away and she has not cried about it since. She will ask if she can have one, but we tell her she is a big girl and does not need it. That seems to okay with her.   

Sophia never really took to the sucky, so breaking her of that habit was a breeze. Now if potty training would be that cut and DRY!

I know that the sucky is a comfort item, and I would not have survived this past virus season, I mean winter season without it. But I felt is was time to go. She does have several snuggle blankets, which she carries around and buries her face in laughing. So a comfort item is still there. Sophia has her “fuzzy” blanket which in the heat must be soooo hot.  It is a homemade blanket with ties she plays with while falling asleep. That too comes into our bed in the mornings…some mornings there are so many snuggle blankets and fuzzy blankets we have to fight our way out of bed. Oh well….those are the moments I was waiting for…the snuggles in bed and if a few blankets come along, so be it.


Friday, July 15, 2011

Mini family vacation

We had a mini family vacation this past weekend. Not just with the 4 of us, but with my parents, sisters and their families. We were all at Aunt Jessie and Uncle Jason’s family trailer. It was one of the rare occasions where we were all together…not for a traditional holiday gathering. Their trailer is near Chesley, on Aaron Lake. It is a nice spot for families and boy there are a lot of them. The beach was packed every day and Jessie said that the park doubled the size of if last season. WOW it would have been a tight squeeze had they not done that.

It was chaotic and at times challenging to get through some moments, but the girls had a great time with their Aunts, uncles and cousins and have some great memories to hold on to - hopefully!

The beach was a hit..(finally!) and so was the time we spent at a near by farm. Since there was not enough room for all of us to stay at my sister’s trailer, my parents and us decided to stay at a B&B close by. A quaint rustic home, that we had a fabulous stay at. Breakfast was wonderful and the mule rides were a hoot. Literally…my dad, who has a comment or smart remark for everything did not hold back as we were chauffeured around the farm on a mule drawn wagon ride.   The girls were able to pet chickens and ride a mule.  They were sooo thrilled, they still ask us "can I ride a horse today mommy?"      

We did achieve one of "mommy’s milestones" ….swinging on the big girl swings. It was nice to see their little buts wrapped up in the cloth sling, swinging away…while their cousins pushed them.    
I have a few "mommy milestones" that I would like to knock off the list, this being one of them, getting rid of Emily’s sucky being another, putting away the high chairs in favour of booster seats (we need a new table for that), drinking/eating anything without dripping or spilling, colouring on the paper and asking if they can have a treat, not just going to the cupboard and getting them.

One of the first things we did when we got home was install the big girl swings…no more pushing them in the buckets. Now they can swing themselves, take turns pushing each other and the most fun…laying down on their bellies and flying like an airplane. Sophia likes to hold on, lean back so far that her hair drags on the grass…..ahhh what a moment. 

I shed a few tears thinking they are getting bigger, more independent but on the other hand there is no more pushing a swing for hours on end. My husband scolds me every time I wish them to be more independent or complain about something. I know that he is right and I do not want them to grow up, but at the same time I want them too.


Friday, July 8, 2011

"I flush it mommy"

"I flush it down the toilet mommy"  That kind of news makes one jump out of bed and race to the flushing toilet to see if I can still retrieve whatever it was.  This morning we had a suckie emergency - Emily dropped it in the toilet while in full flush.  I've been waiting for the day that something would be flushed, just hopin it was not something of mine!

She was pretty upset and wanted us to get it for her.  It was a hard lesson for her to experience, the little look of devastation on her face was making me sad that I could not get it for her.

She still uses it for sleep time and can get upset if she does not have it.  Sophia does not need a suckie and that can be a good thing.  She does need her "fuzzy blanket"  which in this heat, looks really uncomfortable, but whatever works...I'm okay with.

I will take this opportunity to try and stop the sucky usage, but we do have spares if needed.