Saturday, April 30, 2011

A day full of Firsts!

The first year of the girls life was full of firsts....and some of the most exciting were the milestones ones like rolling over, crawling, first words, first foods, walking and so many more.  Today was another "first" milestone for me....Sophia played in the sandbox and liked it!  The bonus phrase of the day was..."we go swimmin' today mommy at Aunt Anne's?"  It kinda makes me want to break out in song...and I captured some of this joy.

Sophia smiling while looking at the pool!
I cannot help but remember last summer when the girls were not fans of just about anything related to swimming, sand or fun in the sun.  This is a post form last summer..what-beach-did-i-do?.do I need to say more?

We also had another cream cones!  They both held their cones, licking like pros.  I was most impressed with the fact that they did not drip and we were even in public!

So far....things are looking up!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Toddlers or Tornadoes?

I have a hard time telling them apart...toddlers or tornadoes....twinadoes!  Twirling, swirling bursts of energy that seem to spin in their own worlds, and who are oblivious to the destruction they leave...especially when mommy talks.  I know at birth they both passed their hearing tests, but why is there not another test once they reach say...oh about 22 months or so??

We are trying to teach them that the road, rivers, streams or any body of water is "danger do not to go near them unless there is a mommy or daddy to help you."  They seem to get this concept.  When we are driving near rivers, they tell us "that is danger mommy" but getting them to listen when they are playing in the driveway is another story.

Yesterday I took the girls outside to the rain..cause daddy lets them jump in puddles. (so they told me)  Okay, kids like to get mucky and wet...all in the name of fun.  Emmy decided that she wanted to jump in the puddle that was closes to the road.  She told me the road was danger, yet proceeded to walk one step out on the road and jump in the puddle.  Then she made eye contact with me and stepped out even further.  I asked her to get of the road, it is movement.  Now I have to discipline.  Well you would have thought I banned her for life from jumping in puddles by the reaction I got when I told her to sit in the garage on time away for not listening to mommy.  AND in our world, when there is one...there is two.  When I turned back to see where Sophia was...she was doing the exact same thing, in the exact same spot.  Now I had 2 crying toddlers, who had kicked their rain boots off, getting more and more upset because their toes were cold.

My sister gets better, give is about 7 months or so.  She has seen a change in MG on this front.

I may go insane in 7 months, or send the girls to toddler boot there such a thing?  (no I actually will not as I will miss them)  I wonder what the neighbour's thought watching this display of mommy vs the toddlers?
R - xo

Thursday, April 7, 2011

"Mommy, my tummy hurts"

Today I have seen it all...well all that the girls have put in their mouths.  I have been puked on all joke.  I have changed my clothes 4 times, showered twice, have done 5 loads of gooey laundry and have changed the cribs 7 times. Last night at about 4am.  I heard Emily call out for me and thinking it was a sucky issue, I took my time getting to her....4am is not a pleasant time to be up, especially when you only got to bed after 1am.

On the way to her bed I heard the glubbing.....OH NO was all I could think of, I knew exactly what was about to happen.  Before I got to her bed she had done the deed, rolled around and gunked her hair all up in it.  For the next few hours, she would continue to puke, call out for me and I would change her entire bed...then I got smart and started to put a towel down, so as to only change the towel.....By 7am I had her in the tub.

Sophia was not long behind her...there I was, with both girls sick and my husband at work.  This seems to be the Metzgers Law (modeled after Murphy's law)  when Darcy is working something happens, either the girls are sick or fevered, I am sick or a combo of the two.  This year has not been pleasant and I am so hopin for spring flowers soon.

This constant stream of puking in random places continued for 4 days.  My house has not been so clean.  The walls, floors, sliding glass door, windows in our bedroom, cribs and at least a dozen times on me.  Darcy had a few incidents too including one in his truck.

Today it all seemed to have come to an end.  Here's to hopin' Darcy or I do not follow suit!  Next week, a whole new handfull.....MM is on vacation...Yikes!