Monday, May 31, 2010

Last day before back to Work

So this is my last day before I start back to work after being off for 14+ months.  I feel nervous and anxious all at the same time.  The girls have been going to daycare for the past few days and are lovin it.  MW gives them glowing reports everyday, she also gets them to sleep for a few hours in the morning and afternoon....I guess the old adage is are different when their parents are not around!

The girls will be going 3 days a week to daycare and 2 days a week with daddy daycare.  I know my husband is excited to be with the girls and I want it to be as easy as possible for him...well for the first few days....

This morning, we dropped them off ar daycare and on our way to the coffee shop I asked...."So I am going to do some grocery shopping, is there anything you want for you and the girls?"  he replied "nothing"  I rasied an eybrow to the quick answer..but continued.."are you sure, what would you like me to make?"  he said "whatever they will eat" fend for yourself leftovers it is...!!   he then proceeded to add.."do you think I am not capable?..we will be fine, you just get yourself ready for working again"  I guess it is the mommy jitters....after I get a few days of work under my belt I should be okay...?!?


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Little Pookie is on the Move - crab style?

Well now...little pookie is making her way around a room.  She has this kinda one-legged crab-butt shuffle that looks like it is way more complicated than just plain old crawling, but she gets around and she does it all by herself.  The pics say it all...

The other evening, after they had gone to bed and of course not sleeping but playing.... I was watching them through the crack in the door, which I do often to see who's legs are stuck betweek the crib rails...and there little pookie was standing up, proud as can be.  She was bahh, bahhing to her sister (look at me..look at me..) and her sister was giving the praise back (so I want to believe) then the wobbly little legs gave way and down on her butt she went....

R - xo

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

We are 1!!

We are 1...and we survived...I feel like I have achieved a great hurdle,surviving their first year, yet I know that there will be many more hurdles to come.

What a day..the sun was shining, the drinks were flowin, the jumpy castle was a hit, thanks to Aunt Anne and Uncle Dave, and we were surrounded by family and friends. What a great way to celebrate this amazing milestone. Of course, there was lots of cake and the girls did their best to cover themselves in sugary icing while dodging the oodles of cameras trying to capture this moment...and well I am no are a few pics of their day...

I would like to say thank you to everyone for making this day very special, we truly are blessed!


Monday, May 17, 2010

Munchie is on the Move

In just the last week Emily has put it all together and is crawling intricate paths throughout the main floor. Quickly. More quickly than we can childproof everything. She can move like I have not seen a baby do before...across the room in no time at all. She is pulling herself up on tables and has started to walk up and down them. Yesterday she pulled herself up on a walking toy and started to cross the room to me. She is one determined little girl and I cannot believe the progress in a week! Kinda makes me think what else will she learn/do so quickly and do I really want her to grow up that fast?

This morning as I lay in bed listening to the 2 princess play and talk to their toys, I could hear faint womps on the floor. Then I hear munchie laughing and jumping in her crib. When I finally get up to investigate...I discover that everything she owned (in her crib)was on the floor and she was looking over the rail at all the stuff and laughing. Blankets, plush toys, groovy girl, sucky, everything that was not attached went overboard.

After morning nap she was playing in the toy room and I heard a clang, clang, clang...obviously investigating this...she had moved most of the mega blocks to the gate and was chucking them was such a cute sight as she cannot see over the gate, but she was so proud to have accomplished this...she was having such a good time that I let her continue until her pile was gone.

Friends have said that times go by so fast and until now I thought they were crazy, but seeing my angel go from a sit-and-stay baby to a crawling, monkey jumpin princess has gone fast.

There is no stopping her now as I redirect her from my coffee for the 10th time! Life with twin 1 year olds is not the same anymore.

Little Pookie....when are you going to start this journey?

Monday, May 10, 2010


As I make mental preparations for going back to work, it strikes me that I will be a "working mom" So why the labels "working mom" and "stay at home mom." Is one title making the other title jealous or any less of a mom or career women? We make a choice to become a parent and that helps define us but that is not all we are. I feel a bit torn with making the decision to go back to work, financially it is great and I like my job, so maybe that makes the decision a bit easier. I hope that I am setting a good example for my girls and I hope that daycare will do them good. What I do know is that the change will do us all good....

Meanwhile, back at my regularly scheduled life.....
Princess pookie shoves a whole arrowroot cookie in her mouth and tries to smile at me...wanting me to jump up and take it out, but not this time..I watched as the mushy runny cookie drool oozed out of her mouth. She was using both hands to keep it all in there while she chewed and she did it...what a mess to clean up..oh well.. good thing daddy does the laundry!

I hope that I will not be missing out on stuff,(knowing that I will be as I write this) I guess that is the scary part and that is the part that makes me wonder. The other side of the daycare coin is that daddy will be on "duty" 2 days a week...what a comfort to know that he will be making memories and telling me, working mom, all about his day with excitement in his voice. Photos, lots and lots of photos.....

R- xo

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Our first tupperware experience

Ahh the tupperware cupboard...was that not always a favourite? No matter where you went there were always cupboards to get into and the tupperware one was always a crowd pleaser....well my girls have now discovered their new favourite place. While I was not out of the room when the following events took place, I did watch from afar with camera in hand....It started out so innocently with Emily's curiosity. Once Sophia saw what she was doing, she wanted in on the action and with a few quick rolls she was sittin pretty! Then things turned into a frenzy with containers and lids flying out of the cupboard, at one point Emily had a container on her head and Sophia was hitting it with a lid...both were laughing...both were discovering and both were not crying! What a moment...