Sunday, July 25, 2010

We Have Another Walker!

I am happy to report that We have another walker.  Sophia is on the move and walking like a she has been doing it for weeks (closet walker) and just now has decided to show off...and at Gramma Alice's house no less.  This makes things interesting.  I have to be in two places at is like they talk about this before I bring them down from their naps to play.  "okay..when she lets us down, you go for the fridge magnets and I will stand on the toddler chair to distract her and then you can chuck the fridge magnets in the garbage..okay drop and run!" 

So I have been busy completing the girls 1st year memory book and for the first time I am doing this on-line through an on-line scrap booking company called Heritage sister-in-law is a consultant and has gotten me into this.  If anyone is interested in this, as you can make alot of other stuff, scrapbook pages etc..and it is easy with all the digital photos (no deciding what pics and then having them printed..) you can get in contact with her at and she will lead you through it.  I am amazed that I have completed their birth book and now I have to work on their milestone books...


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