Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Cryin' over spilled milk

I feel like I’m running non-stop these days, not a new feeling, but a reoccurring one..... and have far too many snippets of thoughts and ideas bouncing around in my head to even make any sense of them most of the time. I don’t know about you, but when I get mentally blocked up the best cure of all is to dump it out in order to remove the blockage..which is not happenin' these days.....Between the toddler talk, the daily maintenance of running a house and maintaining a career...leaves no time for pillow talk and that makes me kinda sad.  I loved our funny yet deep conversations, my husband and I had laying in bed pitch black....something made it seem uninhibited by talking in the dark.  We connect differently and talk differently and it is kinda nice to do that without a coffee in hand or the TV playing in the background.  So why does this have to stop?  Oh ya...raising the twins has taken over and I mean consumed anything we have left in us by the end of the night even our conversations start with "so how were the girls today?" or "What did the girls do today?" or just general conversations about them...eating, pooping and playing.  Now...I knew that this would happen, but I am still mystified that is does...and that only the dishes get done at night and nothing else.  So now we go to different times, put in our sleeping guards and do not stir until the girls wake for their bottles...7am!  Things of the past, do they ever come back?


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