Friday, August 27, 2010

Where did August go?

Have you ever had a weekend that seemed to go on and on..?  Well, we just did and I loved every minute.  It felt like the old days, before kids where there was always something to attend.  First off was pizza in the park.  The girls had a blast running around the park and seeing all the animals..."horsey" and "baby"  were the words of choice and swingin in the "wee, wees" was a crowd pleaser. Aaron takes the cake with the most under-doggies any kid I know has gotten.  He suckered all of us in, regardless of foot wear! Thanks for the great time Mike and Shelley.

petting zoo
The Proposal

The next day we were off to a birthday where there were pony rides and lots of space to run around.  The girls loved the "horsey" rides, even though there are no smiles in the pics and the mini petting zoo.  I think they would have stood at the fence forever. humm...maybe we need one...  Pookie was proposed to in traditional style, while her sister got all the smoochin time with the new bo...hopefully this is not a sign of what is to come.  Austyn what are you doin?  keepin your options open?  It was too cute.  Thanks Jess for the pics and the laughs at the kids expense!  Happy Birthday Denton!

Pookie & Mommy
Munchie & Daddy
The fun did not stop there the next day...we headed to a local family fun fair where we played in bouncy castles in between the downpours.  The girls loved it, especially the part where they ate cheezies, lemon pie and a side of melon for supper.  It has been a great summer, full of adventures and fun with the girls.  But it has also been an emotional time as my father has had to go through a pretty major surgery to remove a cancerous tumor.  The road to recovery has been long and fraught with unexpected health challenges that doctors have not been able to fix.  I'm going to have to stop now as I am getting too choked up just thinking about it.  But seriously where did August go?!


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