Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Toddler Talk and then some.....

Like all parents, we want to encourage our princesses to use their words to communicate.  The past few weeks the girls have ramped up their vocab as well as there recognition skills…when I ask them to get the ball, piggy or their bear, they go and do it.  When we ask them what a horsey says they "clicky smack, clicky smack" with their much that I now know when there is a horse n buggy near or far as the hummmm of the clicky smack, fills the back seat.  Emily needs no help in finding a blankie to bury her face into and scream...for some reason this is her thing....screaming into blankets.

My parents were watching the girls this past weekend and my mom claims that when Emily and Sophia were wrestling, (yes they roll around on top of each other laughing..) Emily stood up and said "I beat her up"  I told her no way it must be her old age and she should get a hearing aid 'cause they are not talking that well….but since my dad heard this too it must be.

Sophia has taken to singing.  She sings ABCD or Twinkle Twinkle little star or sometimes a bit of both mixed together. It is more like "wee, wee wee, wee, wee e,f,g,h m n p, ow i onder wee wee are" Every time we grab the video camera to tape it, she shuts down and starts to run and shy?

It amazes us at how they are talking and using their words.  We make them say please and thank-you and now when they want something they say "peeze and tank u" over and over and over..until they get it.  So in their minds mission accomplished.  Every day there are new words to say or blocks to build or stairs to climb or pianos to wonder they are tired at the end of the day....all this learning is making me tired and their dad we are in bed most nights by 10pm.....I never would have thought that would of happened!


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