Friday, February 18, 2011

The Big Girls are 5

The big girls are 5 – hard to believe that 5 years ago they were such little peanuts and the first twinadoes to hit this family.  The birthday party started at the local swimplex.  Lots of family and friends dawned their bathing suits, no tan lines visible, and splashed around.  Our girls are too little for the big pool so we cozied up with MG and gramma in the warm pool.  MG seemed to have a meltdown as she was not able to go with the big girls and cousins down the big twirl slide.  I don’t blame her…Emmy and Sophia are not her style when it comes to swimming.

This year the swimming went a lot better.  Last year the big girls had a swim birthday party too, but that was the first time Emmy and Sophia had ever gone swimming.  I can remember it like it was yesterday….lots of crying and disorganization, especially in the dressing room.  It was not an enjoyable experience.  That experience was not lost on them and for the rest of the summer every time they got close to water they would cry and turn away.  My sister did an experiment with Sophia…She turned her towards her backyard pool and she would start to whimper, then she would turn her away and she would stop.  Look at the pool…don’t look at the was funny, but not to Sophia… and that is what sparked the swimming lessons this past fall.

The day ended as per the usual…lots of food, lots of drinks, lots of people, lots of cake and lots of presents.

On another  bright note!  Emmy and Sophia did go to sleep in the big girl’s beds, no playpens, no problem.  This must have gotten my husband excited because this week he got the toddler beds assembled, cleaned up and brought them upstairs.  When I saw that…I started to have a panic attack!  I am not ready to deal with this yet  I am not ready to have them run out of their room in the morning or the middle of the night, what if I sleep right through and do not hear them running around?

He must of saw the look of panic on my face and told me to relax, he would take the beds back to the garage. (this was not the reaction he expected...sorry honey!)  I almost could not believe that my heart started to race when I saw those beds…except that it did.  Wow….I guess I need to get mentally prepared and that was my warning!

For some reason I have 2 years in my mind..2 years old to start potty training and introduce the toddler beds.  Maybe I need to rethink this….as at daycare they are going on the potty up to 2 times a day and Emmy will take her pants off and want to go potty.  She know the feeling so maybe I should go with it!

Happy Birthday L&M!

Cheers R - xo

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