Saturday, February 5, 2011

Stop drop and spread your wings!

 Last winter the girls did not get the concept of fun in the snow.  I would set them in a snow bank, but that mostly ended in frustrated whining and some tears.  They did not like being stuck and did not like the cold snow.  This year has been a whole new ball game….Although it has been cold, Hubby gets them out a lot, especially on his “daddy daycare” day.  This day daddy was at work and I was taking them out…honestly to kill some time and energy on their part.
They both like to touch the snow with their fingers and then quickly eat it….kinda like they are licking frosting off of a cake, but the concept of falling on their backs in the snow was a tricky sell.  Of course, I had to demonstrate, but as I was demonstrating I had Emmy running to the roadway and Sophia falling face first in the snow bank (she tripped).  When I got them corralled and showed them the “angel” mommy made they wanted to investigate.  Emmy promptly stepped on the head and Sophia, well she tripped again and went head first into the snow….so far this was not a great experience. 
Then a doggie came along and all crying stopped while they watched the dog go by.  In the meantime I made another snow angel and drew a face on it.  Emmy discovered the newly designed angle and said “mommy funny eyes” and Sophia discovered the “beep, beep” and “mouth.” I thought… this is good….so I said “ let’s make a snow angel and put a face on it.”  Vummm..both fell on their backs and waved their arms like they were in the snow angel Olympics!  I was grinning from ear to ear, laughing and cheering.  I wanted to run in and get the camera….but knew that was not a wise parenting move and that proved to be true.  When trying to get up both angels were wrecked, but I drew a face on them anyways.   We ended the day with me pulling them in the sled, which the Bells got them for Christmas, around the back yard and down the slide a couple of times.  By then I was pooped out!  So I am not sure I achieved my goal of tiring them out!


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