Friday, March 18, 2011

A Mommy Morning Moment

Sometimes my husband shakes his head over some of the things that happen between me and the girls while he is at work....his comment always is "that never happens to me."......Now this is how our Friday morning went….the girls spent 5 minutes or more watching the garbage truck out their window, do its business while they were standing on the rocking chair in their room….Then when they were dressed they insisted on reading books…when I got cross and told them to "get down stairs, mommy was not foolin’ around anymore", they took off, with books in hand down the stairs. Okay…so Emily got her coat and shoes on first…and Sophia decided to run off so I would chase her . While she was running away I was getting the bags at the front door. I finally corralled Sophia to get her coat and shoes on.  In the meantime, Emily had gotten into my purse and shook my wallet, contents and all...all over the floor. While I am getting that straighten up, Emily took off with my purse….I asked her to come back and she didn’t so I went hunting for them…Sophia had ran off too. Then I heard Emily say “oh no, a mess… mommy” I thought oh great…here she got a hold of a glass of water and dumped it in my purse! I caught the tail end of her pouring it in….She had gotten up on the kitchen chair, got the glass of water down and poured it in my purse. I got cross and told her that was bad behavior and she was on time away….all this before 7:20am!

When we were driving away Sophia has a fit cause she did not have her monkey book…she saw that Emily had Mickey’s Nap (I did not know that she grabbed it)…So I went back (thinking of my dear husband doing this...cause he does) and got the monkey book for her. Then we were blocked in the driveway by the recycling truck…who took its sweet time, dumping the sorting bin into the back of the truck…so we waited….The girls liked it...they were waving to the guy. I was not so jovial! I am sure I looked at the guy like Mrs. Hennigan in sunglasses!

The whole ride to Michelle’s I told them that the books stay in the car. When we got to Michelle’s, Emily was okay with that rule, but not Sophia. She hit me with the book…left a bit of a scratch on my face, then threw it into the front driver’s seat. I tell ya…patience was thin at this point. Then Emily had a fit that I was leaving…she was crying and reaching for me. I held her a bit but trying to pry her off was like Velcro. I e-mailed MM to see if she settled and this is what she had to say.
  • She settled in quick. She ate and went to play and has been fine. They both were excited to go for a walk today. When we got back Emily says to me "nice walk". I think we're all excited for some nice weather!!
 SO……that was the morning….The evening shaped up to be a little more mommy style...Christine and her daughter Allie popped by to soothe my soul with some great wine while Allie watched the girls in the was a nice finish to a hectic start to the day.


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