Friday, March 25, 2011

Girls First Hair Cut

I have been dreading this day....I know that the girls need their hair cut...hec Darcy has threatened to do it himself, so you know that it must be bad....his words were "you can come along and be a part of it..or you can miss their first hair choose"  I do not like ultimatums, especially from my husband, but I knew their hair needed to be cut.  So today was the day.  I talked a bit about getting your hair cut with the girls, but it don't think it sunk in until we got there.

Sophia's eyes were glued to the guy getting his hair cut while we waited.  I told her she was getting her hair cut and it was going to be fun.  She said "no mommy, no want to"  I knew there were going to be no smiles.  Here are her before and after pics:  She looked so cute with the cape on.
Sophia Before

Sophia After
Emily arrived with Darcy a few minutes into Sophia's cut.  She could care less about the hair cutting she wanted to get down and "run and run and run"  I thought , okay this might go fairly well, so far there was no crying and more cooperation than I expected.  Boy was I wrong....I should have held my thoughts until Emily's haircut was over.  She could not keep still, very fidgety and she kept pushing Sarah's hand away from around her face when she tried to cut her bangs.  she tried to jump off the chair and at one point I had to restrain her so Sarah could finish.  Here are Emily's pics:
Emily Before

Emily After

The experience overall was a good one.  I was very glad that Aunt Julie popped by.  She had her hands full watching one fiery toddler while the other was getting their haircut.  Oh, in case  you were wondering, Darcy was there...he decided to go for coffee and by the time he got back we were ready to go.

I must say that their hair looks wonderful....a lot better than when Aunt Anne and Gramma tag-teamed my babies and cut their bangs while Darcy and I were packing up our house to move....I was not is a pic of that artistry!

We ended the day with a great meal made by Mark and was such a welcomed treat and delicious meal and the wine was fantastic!  Thanks, Thanks, Thanks!

Next on the list....ears pierced...Darcy is also threatening to do that...but I know he will not do that without me.!

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