Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Repeat after me...

Well the time has come…they girls are picking up on my habits and repeating what I say. I never realized it before, but boy oh boy do I say “crap, crappy or oh crap” a lot. Sophia has really picked up on this and when I am having difficulty putting on their sandals or doing up a zipper, she says “oh crap” in her best Barry White voice. At first I was like…did she really say that?? No it just sounded like that. But after a time or two I realized that she was repeating me…Oh crap!
Emily picks up on my body language or tries to repeat what I do. I caught her looking at me and playing with her hair….twirling her fingers and concentrating on how I was doing it, like Aunt Anne, gramma and I do. She also likes to get a hold of my makeup blush brush and apply it in the same manner as me...a couple strokes on the left and then the right and a bit down the middle. One day I looked at her and thought man she is hot maybe I will take off her sweater – her cheeks looked reddish like she was hot. Then I saw a bit of shimmer and realized she had my blush on.
I guess it is time for mommy to straighten up!
Ciao R-xo

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