Saturday, May 21, 2011

We are 2! Party, Party, Party!

Our babies are 2 – a milestone I could not image getting to when they were born, but I am so glad we are here!
“I have a party today mommy?” “Yes Sophia we have your birthday party today, after night-nights” “ Okay I go night –nights now?” It was 10am……She was so excited for her party. If you ask the girls how old they are, they will tell you “2” and then hold there pointer fingers up side by side to show you the number of years – 2. Sometimes Emily will continue counting and then say she is “eleventeen or twelveteen” she cannot decide!
The day was action packed, we started out by going to a community garage sale and then off to the grocery store to get a few things – chips in particular for the party!
Family and friends joined us as we celebrated this precious milestone in our lives.  
This year they really got the concept of blowing out candles – although they were a bit shell shocked to have everyone sing and cheer as we sang a birthday song for each of them and mommy too!
“I have a party today mommy?” “No not today Sophia, we had your party yesterday, now go back to sleep” it was 5:30am on Sunday morning….she really likes to party!
On the actual day of their birthday, dressed them in their princesses dresses and sent them to MM's.  She had a party for them too.

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