Thursday, August 25, 2011

August Family Vacation

We decided, and thanks to the Ogies! for letting us camp with them, to go on a camping vacation just like we used to in the days before kiddies.  There were lots of campsite of friends, including the typical crew which I was totally thrilled about.  Now I was not that naive to think that it would be just like the good ol' days....but I was not totally prepared for what this 4 day trip was to bring.

We had a great drive to Parry Sound, Killbear Park, set up the site, had dinner and a campfire.  The girls were making adjustments to their new...totally dirty home.  To add a bit more to this trip, we were potty training the girls and they were almost fully trained, so this meant 2 potties propped up against a tree waiting to be used at will...and they were. 

It rained through the night, and as morning was breaking, crash - the lid of the cooler was opened by a raccoon - or so we thought.  About 1/2 hr later I could hear heavy foot prints and heavy was a bear.  The darn thing climbed up the back of our pick-up truck looking to see if he could get in.  When he could not, he moved on to the neighbouring campsite and shook the car until the car alarm went off - waking up a ton of people, but not my husband....he was awake, so he says, but did not move a muscle.  I told him there was a bear on our truck, but he brushed it off until the next morning when the evidence was clear - paw prints on the back of the truck and tunnel cover.

Big group dinner extravaganza!

Daddy n the girls
Campfire snacks
The rest of the trip was not that exciting, but not that relaxing either.  I spent most of my time, with the girls as they explored the outdoors, nursed Fia through her first bee sting, defied afternoon sleep time and were not that keen on the beach.  The one thing they did like was the nightly campfires with their bowls of cheezies!
On our final day we packed everything up and decided to have a beach day.  I like the beach and on this trip so far I had virtually none, so dear hubby went along with the idea and we spent the day at the beach.  It was a great decision - the girls really like it and were not "needy" almost the entire time.  We had a lot of snacks, so that might of helped!     A highlight for me was a wonderful smoked meat dinner at the Sharps's campsite.  They had all the camping toys you could imagine.  Doug smoked the beef the entire perfection!  truly a camping treat!

Over all the trip was a great experience for the girls and a learning experience for their mother and father.  This is not going to detour us from making these types of memories...I will just be better prepared!

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