Thursday, September 1, 2011

"Can we wear our underwears today mommy?"

Our morning routine has changed a bit in the last month.  Instead of the girls picking out their own diapers....they are picking out their own underwear.  I am happy to say the girls are potty trained!

I am a bit amazed, as this milestone just seemed to happen right under my nose...kinda like one day I was changing 6-8 diapers a day to changing a few sets of clothes to only changing them morning and night.    Now I do need to add that not be alarmed if there is a naked toddler be-lining it for the bathroom - as they both strip off all clothes, on the spot when they need to go.  Kinda weird as Darcy and I do not do that.  But as Emmy says - she does not want to have an accident on her shirt.  Valid reason!!?

I had read that when potty training twins, the chances that they both will be potty training at the same time are  well.....slim. Most mom’s of multiples have to go through the process separately with each child, so I was mentally preparing for a long potty training haul.....but we lucked out.  Both of them wanted to sit on the potty at the same time - which sprang a shopping spree one night to get a bunch of potties....I'm sure the check out lady thought I was a neurotic mom who has a potty in every room.  Not quite, but we do have one in the garage and in the back of my truck which have been great "mess-savers" 

Potty training the girls was one of my fears and so far it hasn’t been as bad as I had imagined. I think the key is to just wait until they show that interest enough to stay with it. And, if accidents happen, they happen – I fully expect a few more accidents...unless you are Sophia and just wipe down your pants and pee on the grass, "mommy I have to go, I have to pee on the grass - go away!" something she has done at gramma and grandpa's as well as the neighbours....hum mm must of been on daddy's watch!

It actually warms my heart to see them both go through this milestone together – I never thought going potty would be a mommy-heart warming moment, girls mommy is super proud of you.  So, these days we spend a ton of time in our bathrooms or policing who gets the potty and who gets the potty seat! 

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