Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fall Family Fun

In my childhood, my family would attend all the fall fairs they could, taking in the cool crisp breezes as we whizzed around on ride after ride after ride under the bright ball park lights.  Sometimes grandparents or other family friends would attend and we usually spent the entire day walking through buildings full of food vendors, perusing 4-H winning displays, petting hoards of animals and taking in a smash up derby, a horse show or some country singers performance.  I had such fond memories of these trips which usually ended with all of us kids passed out in the back seat for the ride home.

To this day I still enjoy a good ride on the scrambler or the snow express with the screaming music and would like Pookie and Munchie to have the opportunity to experience these too. 

The first event I went to (Darcy was working) was Mighty Machines.  I was so looking forward to seeing the girls get excited about pretending to drive all the trucks, diggers, dozers and tractors, (played it up in my mind pretty good) that when we got there and Sophia tried to walk on air to get back to the car and go home, I started to cry - the disappointment was too overwhelming.  The horn honking was too loud and scared them both.  Emmy did not want to get out of the stroller, let alone climb into a combine.  I walked around for an hour trying to calm their fears and eventually they warmed up to taking their turn driving the garbage truck.  The day ended up being not a total bust and Grandpa enjoyed the rollover demonstration. 

Fun on the surf
Enjoying the Parade, well not Sophia
is that a smile I see?
Going on a turtle hunt
 Apple Fest in Brighton, was where we went next.  We actually were visiting friends (long overdue visit) and while we were there spent a wonderful weekend taking in the local fare.  The Callahan's were perfect hosts and we had so much fun.  The girls played with their girls and for the most part were out of our hair which was a nice change.  The local parade was neat to see but this is where we figured out that Sophia was not going to enjoy anything that she considered loud, and the local parade down main street, with the bands, floats and antique tractors all making noise had her with her fingers in her ears the entire time.  The girls did enjoy partaking in a ducks in the pond game, where they had to pick a duck as it floated by and if they picked a winning duck, they got a prise - their first Carney game.....and they both won stuffed ducks.  How fitting!  the next day, after the adults had enough coffee....we went to the surf and wetlands boardwalk tour.  The girls chased geese up the beach, splashed in the water, getting totally soaked and went on a frog and turtle hunt.  We did see frogs, but no turtles to Emmy's disappointment. 

We packed in a lot on this visit, just the way we roll!

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