Thursday, December 8, 2011

When I am bigger

"When I am a big girl I can ride a school bus right mommy?" 

Growing up.....what does that exactly mean?  A physical change?, mental change? For toddlers this is not just a growth spurt, it means gaining confidence to be independent.  Emmy is all over this stage now.  She wants to do a lot of things, and if I take the time to let her, she actually can do it.  The praise she gets for a job well done tickles her pink!  She seems to craves this attention.

Sophia, is not quite like that.  She is more than happy to have someone else do things for her...actually she had made it into her own art form...and we usually respond like a trained monkey. 

Emily seems to ask us every day what can she do when she is bigger or tells us what she is going to do when she gets bigger.

The list is long but I have short listed to the top few:
  • "When I am a big girl, I can ride a big girl bike (or a scooter, they are interchangeable) right?"
  • "When I get bigger I can take the garbage to the garbage man right?"
  • "When I get bigger can I ride on the moon?  Mommy can I?  I really want to, up I do?"
  • "When I am bigger I can go skating right?  Daddy will take me right?"
"Mommy I am a little girl right? But I will get big some day right?"  I hope so princess, just not on fast forward please!

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