Thursday, March 15, 2012

"Who's flashing a flashlight mommy?"

I woke this morning to the flashes of lightening and the sounds of thunder.  I seriously cannot believe it is March 15 and I had to drive home with the A/C on yesterday...crazy.

Storms are not my thing.  I must admit I get a bit freaked out when it comes to storms, sometimes BBMing friends with a play-by-play just to feel like someone is with me. (oh, the scariest storms seem to happen when Darcy is at work)  My husband on the other hand sits on the front porch or stares out the back window watching every streak.

It then dawned on me that the girls may freak out.  Last year they slept through all storms, so we did not have to explain what was going on.

What was I going to say?...quick, cause they are going to get up.  So, when I heard Fia say, "who is flashing those flashlights mommy, they are so silly"  I knew I had to mask my nervousness.  Not an easy thing to do...hide my inner fear of storms.

I explained to them that it was thunder and lightening and that the boom was just a noise outside, not scary.  To my luck they bought it!  Emily, went to their bookshelf  and retrieved a book that showed thunder and lightening and the sounds they make.  "boom! and splatz!" 

For the ride to daycare they talked about boom and flashlights, how they are not scared and that it is just a noise we know where it comes from, the sky.

I thought  I was free and clear until bed time...then the questions started about why there are storms and then Emily broke the ice...."Mommy if we are a little scared we can come to your room right?"  she said this with a smile on her face like she just found a way to sleep with mommy that she might agree to...and I did. 

To date, we have avoided having the girls sleep with us all night.  They try and talk me into it when daddy is working, but I cannot sleep when there is a super hot, washing machine glued to my we have just cuddled in the morning or when they are sick....and now when there are storms.

This will be the first year the girls will remember "boom and flashlights"  Lets hope there are not too many this season as I think our bed will get cramped pretty quickly!

R - xo

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