Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Girls and the Great Outdoors!

Finally I can say that I am toasting to the arrival of this warm weather – Playing outdoors! Woo Hoo!

It’s so nice to tell the kids to go outside, or have them ask to play outside, and have them actually enjoy it. This means less mess inside, hours of play outside and it all means that they are tired for bedtime.  So I would think.  9pm bedtime is becoming common Urgh - must nip that in the butt!

What really tickles me pink, is the fact that the girls can "pump." They can swing themselves on their wings - no more "mommy will you push me?"  Fia is soooo excited to show me, that I think she is going to fly off into the sky and the whole time she has the biggest "I have do it all by myself" grin. 

Emily likes to play in the sandbox, making roads and sand castles.  No matter to me, just as long as they are playing and I can watch them from my kitchen window!

I’ll toast to that!

R - xo

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