Monday, October 25, 2010

Fishes they are not

For most kids swimming is fun, something to look forward to and something you should not do right after eating..(I hear that is a wives tale!)  but not for Emily and Sophia.  All summer long they have not embraced the water, in fact, if Sophia sees a pool or gets too close, she will cry and Emily will only sit on the edge...this is evident as depicted in an earlier post What the beach did I do?  
I guess I have not learned my lesson...and I signed the girls up for swimming.  I am optimistic that there will be smiles and not tears....well here is how it went down...

Swimming week 1
Went okay….the girls did not enjoy it at the start but kinda warmed up to the idea abit.  They did not like getting their face wet and refused to blow bubbles in the water..but no tears so that was good…  When we first walk in Sophia started to climb over Darcy's back, she did not want to touch the water.  Emily started to whimper when her feet touched, but did not make too much of a fuss.  Of course Darcy knew someone in the class so he was busy talkin most of the time.  They did not like when the instructor would come around and splash their feet and Sophia mainly clung to one of us...I had little nail marks in my shoulder.  To my surprise, they both sat on the edge and flopped themselves into the pool on their own power and Sophia was standing and kinda jumping in and did not seem to mind that..but no smiles….change rooms are chaotic, chaotic, chaotic....maybe next week they will smile and enjoy it a bit more..

Swimming Week 2
We were really, really early and had to wait around a bit.  Emily took a bit of a stroll with daddy and stomped around in the water on the pool deck. Sophia was having none of that and would not stop clinging to me. (nail marks in my shoulder..maybe I should have cut them!) When we were about to go in I put sophia down, took her hand and she actually walked in the water.  Wow..this is a good sign…the classs starts out with group singing and actions which the girls just watch and hang to us like dead fish on a hook...I know they know what is going on, so why not participate?  Still no smiles…maybe next will be an extra special week cause Gramma is coming…

Swimming Week 3
Again really early...someone take note..I am actually early for something 2 weeks in a row!  This week is special, cause Gramma is helping out.  The start was not good.  Both girls decided to cry while getting changed and of course we picked the smallest change room ever....there was no cooperation happening so far.  Swimming actually went better..the girls had smiles, participated and there were squeals coming from Sophia when she jumped off the side and into the water.  Emily actually let me dunk her during the dunk, dunk song.  Who hoo...they both got their hair wet!  

Next week daddy is back...Yeah!


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