Friday, October 29, 2010

MG - Adventures of a red head

This post is from my sister, Adrianna.  I had to post this cause - well you need to read it to believe it.  MG is a red head through and through

Swimming started at the beginning of Oct..for us and for MG.  MG missed the first night cause mommy and daddy got the night wrong..boy was MG steamed that she could not go swimming the first this is the synopsis of week 2, first night!  enjoy!!

Adventures of a red head......

Well here it is…Mary and I had our first mommy and Mary swim night last night. Once we first arrived Mary was sooooooo excited. All that she wanted to do is "go swimin".  Little did I know that our little red headed angel had some idea's of her own.

First off they changed the pool location on us from the warm pool to the cooler one…with all the slides and toys around it!!  Well we all know how much MG loves water and the toys! We get into the pool no problem…we actually take a big jump…splashing other kids who think that the water hitting them is like poison or something. It was not long (one minute) before Mary started to get mad at me for holding her. She wanted nothing to do with being held nor told what to do in the water. 

The instructor then began to sing songs…Mary LOVED these 2-3 minute songs, she splashed and screamed the entire time while the other children around her were scared shitless and crying their eyes out!  About 5 minutes into class Mary decided that she needed to pee so in true potty training form announced to the entire pool that she would now be peeing in the water.  Then looked at me with that cute little face and said…."OK MOMMY?" what is a mom to say :)

Next she saw that 50 foot twirly slide we were swimming under.  It was not long before she decided she wanted to be on that and was not happy I said she could not go on it! (she asked to go on it all class long) The instructor took her for a bit and MG did EVERYTHING the instructor asked... no problem at all.  The instructor was impressed that she knew so much. 

Then came time to jump in and out of the water…..Mary did not want me, she wanted to go off the diving boards!! Man I think that I have created a water bug!!!   Needless to say we made it through the class.  MG was one of the only kids in the class who had her hair wet!!  Most of the other kids were still crying! So it is time to go, MG decided that getting out of the pool was NOT what she wanted…she up and slapped me in a fit of rage and I must admit…I did not know what to do with this child and what happened to my MARY:) The change room is a another story as she then did not want to ever get out of the shower!!

Regardless Mary and I talked and next week she wants to go back and will not hit or scream. She apologized for her bad behaviour and is excited to try again next week. The instructor also said that next week maybe Mary can get a life jacket to swim on her own as last night she wanted NO help in the water at all…what a girl. Sure was different having just one…..I must say that two were easier:) We love our Mary and she is one of a kind……What a girl!

Love The Bells!

I am sure that there will be more...adventures of a red head to come.  

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