Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Party..It was about time

We have been on our new house for 3.5 months and we have finally gotten around to hosting a party…and I must say it was great.  The night was a revolving door of friends, family and neighbours some of which I had not met yet.  The girls were a bit "shell shocked" at all the people and commotion, but soon adapted and were running around chasing and laughing with the other kids…..a dozen or so in total and dumping a bowl of chips on Emily's head.  (I found chips in her diaper later…)  
There was the typical changing of the guard at suppertime for high chairs seats, ding dong of the doorbell, humm of the phrase "no don’t touch that" or "don't do that" and shoes galore (Emily was in heaven as she walked around with all sorts of different feet)  My niece MG was kissing and hugging all the boys while the big girls showed off their dance moves in the basement.  We are so blessed to have family and friends that understand the chaos and still come on by.  
If you would have asked me 3 years ago, when we were trying to have a baby, if this is what I pictured my life as…. I would have thought you were crazy….me living in a house where chaotic, jumbled events happened as I have always strived to be organized and perpared.…well times are a changing…I was still curling my hair when the first guests arrived and never did get back to finish it, but no one noticed I think?  
Life with kids, it is the best.  It is crazy and busy and exhausting, but it is rewarding, fun and is the best.


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