Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Traditions - The Santa picture!

Part of Christmas traditions is the token picture with Santa.  My mom has years of pictures of us sitting on Santa's lap.  Sometimes we are laughing and sometimes we are upset, but looking back at those photos are priceless....the bad hair and of course the bad fashion.  In our later years we were not so cooperative...I felt like a tool sittin' on Santa's lap at 18 years old with my 2 sisters...( I drew the line at that!) So why would I deny my girls the same memories?  The trip to the local mall to get the picture was uneventful and to our surprise there was no line up.  Santa suggested we do a family photo first...get the girls warmed up and sitting close to Santa while were we holding them...so we did. (I was not prepared for a photo of me....as you can see!)  but oh well is it for the girls right?  They both seemed okay so then.......

we did something Sophia thought was not so funny....we dropped them on Santa's lap and ran, well not literally ran, but backed up pretty quick.  Emmy was fine with it...as my niece Shelby said Emmy looks like she is saying "give me a lick of that candy cane" Sophia..well the photo says it all.

In the days/week to follow we asked Sophia if she would like to sit on Santa's lap.  She said " no, no, no want it" waving her arm in front of her like she is clearing a table.  I guess she remembers....I hope this is not one of those incidents she hangs on to.  I guess when Christmas 2011 rolls around and it is time for "the Santa picture" we will know for sure


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