Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Daddy's Birthday

We recently celebrated my husband birthday.  He generally likes to keep it low key and always requests no gifts.  The day was a busy one starting with brunch at Gramma and Grandpa's, then a Christmas party for the Metzger cousins and then we went to Kevin and JoAnn's for a celebratory drink.  This certainly was an action packed day.

Here is a photo of the group 1 year ago...I realized that I made the same type of cake this year..opps

The previous day I spent part of the day singing happy birthday to the girls, in hope they would catch on and sing with the rest of us at cake time.  No go..in fact I think Sophia cried during the singing and was not cooperative during pictures.  Looks like Emily and MG had something going on...on the side that we were not aware of...hummm

Sophia took the cake when it came to the presents.  On our way the the final event, she started to sing...We were in shocked.  Not so much that she was singing, cause she does this alot (mostly Twinkle Twinkle Little Star) but shocked that she only heard this song a few times and was now singing it...so I had to catch this on camera-video in the car...so take a listen.

I cannot believe how fast they pick up on stuff so I've started to sing jingle bells....

The day was a good one..except for the end of the day when I got sick with fever and chills and sweats for the next 48hours...I thought I had this bug licked the other week, but it came back stronger than ever.  That is a whole other post..Sick with kids and how we cope as moms..thank goodness for my husband..is all I have to say!


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