Monday, January 3, 2011

I cannot say I am sad to see 2010 go...but

Reflecting on what I would say was the most challenging, frustratingly emotional yet joyous year of my life.

2010 was a year of change as a 4 member family.  Darcy's shifts changed at work to 24hrs (whoot!), we bought a house and then had to get ours ready for sale.  The girls celebrated their first birthday in style!, I went back to work full time, we moved and the girls started daycare.  My best friend got married and a few more are starting the journey to motherhood.  In 2010 the girls had the most developmental year of their lives...they learned to… eat real food, crawl, sit up on their own, rollover, sleep through the night, drink from a bottle, then a sippy, walk, talk our ears off, test our patience, eat food with utensils, get some funky childhood sickness that transferred to their dad and me, brought home their first art projects and of course, let their little personalities shine, oh…sing, we cannot forget the singing!
They also learned to… hand me toilet paper, that the shower is daddy's, mommy likes her slippers brought to her, the swings are called wee wee's cause that they are! and to "sit on your bum" in the wagon for rides.  Swimming is more fun than they thought, when the door opens and beeps... "daddy's home" and climbing gets them into trouble.  They know the difference between "mommy toffee" and "mommy's yine" which is very important, that yukys go in the garbage and according the Emily all socks are blue.   They most certainly need to know what the other is up to.."sissy are you?", "sissy kying, sissy seeping" and "no want it sissy"   
2010 was a year of loss…we lost our 4 -legged child in a way we were not prepared to deal with, we lost our best friend to a disease I still cannot understand, my husband's family lost uncles that were cherished and my family went through the devastating news that my father had cancer and all the uncertanity and challenges that brought with it.

But in 2010 I learned that love is sometimes patient, love is kinda crazy and love is blinding.  I've also learned that time is I look back at our life one year ago, we were living a different life....the girls could not sit up on their own and now are climbing the stairs and brushing their teeth....all on their own.....2010 has been a year of triumphs and tears...and all I can say is...hello 2011!
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