Friday, April 23, 2010

Are they twins?

The Twins are now at an age where they will touch, laugh and swipe toys from each other. Sophia will steel Emily's socks and they both will belly laugh about it. Emily will hold out a toy for Sophia to steel, which she does and they both will laugh about it. Seeing them do this back and forth is fascinating and comforting to know that they love each other...

As my husband and I sit and have our morning coffee, (after the feeding frenzy most call breakfast) he starts to talk about how our little princesses might be...grow up....will little pookie who is very hands on and very verbal, using 1 finger to spin things around, all the while singing the brummm, brummm song; be a creative or into music, a girls who knows what she wants girl (cause she certainly know what she doesn't want now)? AND will munchie, who will sit and stare at something, turn it over or around and in our minds is wondering how it works, be the quite, visual observer who gets it right the first time? Time will tell...

We have had several friends point out the fact that they are very different, besides their looks, and they themselves have predicted similar behaviours... It is funny how different they are, cause they are twins and it will be amazing to watch their little personalities grow. I hope I’ll always remember the way they interacted before they could speak words.

R- xo

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