Sunday, April 18, 2010

It is SOLD

IT IS SOLD - those are 3 words, where about 3 weeks ago, I thought would never appear. Selling our place with 2 little ones is a chore. The de-cluttering and constant cleaning was enough to drive me crazy...but it is "all worth it in the end"...some how that cliche could hold true for just about when little pookie decided to scream every night this week before naps and bed, and munchie munch's continued crabbiness all day long as her teeth pop through the top..but tonight as they go to bed they both reached up to touch my face and try and give me a big wet kiss - more like a lick on the cheek...with a great big smile as they cuddle into their blankets and plush toys to drift off to is all worth it in the end.

sweet dreams
Rebecca xo

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