Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Decision to Blog

Well.....I am so excited to start blogging. I have contributed to others blogs and have thought of taking on this adventure, but I was unable to find the time nor the inspiration, until spending time at home being a mom..being away from my working life.

My inspiration comes in 3 forms, my "little pookie", "munchie munch" and my husband.

Looking back on the past 3 years of marriage, and the long awaited pregnancy/motherhood.....has driven me to share my journey and hope that these life experience will make a difference to someone else in a similar situations. This is my version of pay-it-forward, sharing in this incredible journey and as most of my friends know...I like to share whatever thoughts, ideas or trying moments happen in my life.

Give me some time as I am just getting this up and running, but do remember to check back often.

Rebecca xo - below is the latest e-mail update to family and friends.....

The house deal on our new place has finalized and we are moving in June! I feel like I have been on an episode of ``Sell this House`` ( I keep lookin for the hidden cameras) cause it has been a whirlwind around here trying to get the house ready, having viewings (constant cleaning), negotiating an offer and having it fall through...and back on the market again...urgh I think I need to invest in a crystal ball or rub something lucky! When this is all said and done..mama is going to need some retail therapy!

Girls are growing and we finally have a roller! Sophia is rollin around just the same as Emily which is good cause now she can get to the toys after she throws them (instead of just screaming and kickin like a turtle on its back.) Sophia has her 2 top teeth peeking through and Emily had nothing more but the bottom ones..yet.

Emily likes to stand and is almost pulling her self up on stuff. This morning I went to get them from their morning nap and Emily was sitting up..I put her back down and watched how she pulled herself up on the side of the crib...time to lower the crib I guess....

There is not a waking moment when the two are not talking (or crying) that's for sure...and they are starting to play, or steal toys, from one another and laugh about it..for now. I`m sure there will be lots of battles to come!

We also went on our first wagon ride. It was a bit squishy as our cousin Mary Grace was with us, but we all loved it. Mary kept on pointing to the girls and blabbing..she just loves the girls and she cannot wait until they are all in daycare together.

For months I have been trying to get the girls to hold a bottle or sippy cup to drink from...then daddy had them for one feeding and voila! two little girls holding their own bottles..I guess they think that daddy means business or something...hopefully this hold true to potty training!

Thanks to everyone who helped with the girls and to my parents who helped us get the house ready..what a chore

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  1. Welcome to the world of blogging! Look forward to your posts - and thank your for linking my blog!