Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Little Pookie is on the Move - crab style?

Well now...little pookie is making her way around a room.  She has this kinda one-legged crab-butt shuffle that looks like it is way more complicated than just plain old crawling, but she gets around and she does it all by herself.  The pics say it all...

The other evening, after they had gone to bed and of course not sleeping but playing.... I was watching them through the crack in the door, which I do often to see who's legs are stuck betweek the crib rails...and there little pookie was standing up, proud as can be.  She was bahh, bahhing to her sister (look at me..look at me..) and her sister was giving the praise back (so I want to believe) then the wobbly little legs gave way and down on her butt she went....

R - xo

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