Monday, May 31, 2010

Last day before back to Work

So this is my last day before I start back to work after being off for 14+ months.  I feel nervous and anxious all at the same time.  The girls have been going to daycare for the past few days and are lovin it.  MW gives them glowing reports everyday, she also gets them to sleep for a few hours in the morning and afternoon....I guess the old adage is are different when their parents are not around!

The girls will be going 3 days a week to daycare and 2 days a week with daddy daycare.  I know my husband is excited to be with the girls and I want it to be as easy as possible for him...well for the first few days....

This morning, we dropped them off ar daycare and on our way to the coffee shop I asked...."So I am going to do some grocery shopping, is there anything you want for you and the girls?"  he replied "nothing"  I rasied an eybrow to the quick answer..but continued.."are you sure, what would you like me to make?"  he said "whatever they will eat" fend for yourself leftovers it is...!!   he then proceeded to add.."do you think I am not capable?..we will be fine, you just get yourself ready for working again"  I guess it is the mommy jitters....after I get a few days of work under my belt I should be okay...?!?


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