Monday, May 17, 2010

Munchie is on the Move

In just the last week Emily has put it all together and is crawling intricate paths throughout the main floor. Quickly. More quickly than we can childproof everything. She can move like I have not seen a baby do before...across the room in no time at all. She is pulling herself up on tables and has started to walk up and down them. Yesterday she pulled herself up on a walking toy and started to cross the room to me. She is one determined little girl and I cannot believe the progress in a week! Kinda makes me think what else will she learn/do so quickly and do I really want her to grow up that fast?

This morning as I lay in bed listening to the 2 princess play and talk to their toys, I could hear faint womps on the floor. Then I hear munchie laughing and jumping in her crib. When I finally get up to investigate...I discover that everything she owned (in her crib)was on the floor and she was looking over the rail at all the stuff and laughing. Blankets, plush toys, groovy girl, sucky, everything that was not attached went overboard.

After morning nap she was playing in the toy room and I heard a clang, clang, clang...obviously investigating this...she had moved most of the mega blocks to the gate and was chucking them was such a cute sight as she cannot see over the gate, but she was so proud to have accomplished this...she was having such a good time that I let her continue until her pile was gone.

Friends have said that times go by so fast and until now I thought they were crazy, but seeing my angel go from a sit-and-stay baby to a crawling, monkey jumpin princess has gone fast.

There is no stopping her now as I redirect her from my coffee for the 10th time! Life with twin 1 year olds is not the same anymore.

Little Pookie....when are you going to start this journey?

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