Sunday, June 6, 2010

What has become my NEW normal

I have come to quickly realize that my normal is a constant changing of the guard….these days only one of us can get any real stuff done like packing, cooking or cleaning, cause the other one has to pay close attention to the "monkeys on the move" or feed them or change them or bathe them….I could go on…and with my return to work, my days are really shorten.

So, I broke the baby gate on fri…now it is a real challenge watching them. The other night we were all in the kitchen, or so I thought…when I looked over to where Sophia was to be sitting and realized she was not…..Yikes! Sophia had made her way to the stairs and was sitting on the top danglin her feet over……(I was with Emily as she was climbin in the dishwasher and daddy was doing the dishes)… …did not think she could move that fast….life is a whole new playground for them and they are going to take advantage…I just have to make it this week without this darn gate as the new place does not need one except for the stairs.

On Sunday, the girls were with my parents, they had them overnight cause we went to a wedding, Congratulations Jeff & Lindsay.  Sophia has this thing...this screaming/crying thing where she can out scream anyone, so my dad and her had a screaming dad kept saying that he could scream louder than her, but I don’t was close!  She did stop crying, which might have been his goal.

Ahh my new normal.  Some how being away from it all day...makes me miss them even more.


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