Monday, June 14, 2010

Back to Work Blues....

I miss the girls... I miss our days together and now I just sit at my desk and wonder what they are doing, cause before I knew what they were doing....throwing toys, talkin up a storm, crawling all over the place, laughin at you when you smiled at them, the list can go on....I jut plain old miss them!

I've had a lot of coworkers stop by and chat since I have been back to work…most of the questions/conversations revolve around the girls, none about me. I can handle that since being second fiddle to the girls.. has been this way for quite some time now. The most popular comments have been.."they are not identical are they?" (like shock…when twins do not look the same) or wow you must be busy, (nope only the moms with singletons are busy)

The most popular question is…."are they walking yet?" and when I say "no, not yet, just crawlin", I get the ohh, looks, like I have horns coming out of the top of my head. Now…something I have learned by being a mom is…do not ask about the "developmental milestones" achieved, not achieved….whatever…I hate the "every baby will develop in their own time" speech that follows…so when one of my co workers jumped in and said that crawling babies = genesis..I just had to Google it and there were lots of sites on it. The jest of it was..mobility is linked to brain development and crawling can stimulate brain growth. Do not over encourage infants to stand or walk..they will do it when they are ready. WOW… my girls are like little crawling athletes!



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