Tuesday, June 8, 2010

moving is no picnic

Moving has been no picnic….…a lot to organize between helpers and mail and child care and cleaning and timing of stuff…I am slowly realizing that I cannot get it all done in the amount of time I have left….and I am getting some flax from family on how I want to do the move - so family if you are reading this…smile and just agree.  I need a magical "moving" fairy to swoop in pick up the pieces…

So far lessons learned - and we have not even moved yet!
  • do not share your moving plans with family unless you like the, oh I would have done it this way..or why do that? converstaions,
  • do not constantly talk about the move with your husband as I quickly learned we both have different ideas of how to move and could of just saved the anxiety between us to one day instead of 3 weeks..
  • do not start back to work 2 weeks before you move - definaltly would not do this again!
  • do accept help from anyone and everyone who offers..in fact nail down a day and time when they ask…this way they cannot make "other plans".
  • do not stop grocery shopping - you end up eating everything in your freezer you did not want to eat any other time….like cereal and frozen bread/bagels (toasted) for lunch with 4 kinds of frozen veggies…and expired chocolate…5 days in a row!
  • do stock up at the liquor store (you are not going to move it anyways..)…packing is much better when you carry your glass of wine around with you as you pack
  • do not pack the booze first!!!big no, no not sure what I was thinkin when I did that?!?
  • do not mention to your husband that for fun..maybe we should "get jiggy with it" in each room before we leave…they are like elephants..they never forget!
that is my rant for the day…somehow I feel better….

R - xo

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