Monday, June 21, 2010

The move and beyond!

So the days leading up to the move had been hectic. We, the girls and I, had been living with my parents in order to completely disasemble all the baby stuff, kitchen stuff and pack in the storage bin. The storage bin has been a god sent to us….it made the move that much smoother. I have to admitt I was a bit neuratic when it came to the packing. The thought of a box of misc stuff packed together would of sent me over the edge. All the candles or picture frames had to be in a box together even of that meant running to a few different rooms and gather stuff up. I had a good system until the last few days where stuff just got crambed into the storage bin or a box (not by me..). Urgh..

I have to say thanks to all who helped...we had help the weekend before, packing the storage bin and moving the heavy stuff out of the house, help with the packing of stuff and breakables..And of course the help the day of...You guys were such good sports about it all..cause face it we all hate to move and even worse help someone to move.  Thanks to Julie who did most of the cleaning as I raced around looking in every nook and cranny to be sure we did not forget anything....

To my surprise my loving husband, who did not want to see his wife have a melt down on moving day, sneakedly secured a key and garage door opener from the couple who we bought the house from.  So by 2pm we were in and unpacked!  We officially got possion of the house at 5pm, but by then the moving was over with.    Now it is just the daunting task of unpacking and trying to find a place for eveything.  I cannot believe this stuff fit in a 1500 sq ft home and now we have 3200 sq of living space and I still have a hard time with where to put stuff...esp tupperware right Cindy!

Adjusting to our new surroundings has not been a challenge, infact it has been a very long awaited and welcome change.  The girls fit right in…they are kinda go-with-the-flow types most of the time, so the changing of the houses did not seem to bother them. In fact, the new house might buy us a few months as they explore and figure out a new space…then we will have to move again! NOT


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