Friday, June 25, 2010

Munchie is on the Move

Well last night after I got home from a very looooong drive (work thing)…we were sitting in the family room and Emily started to walk without making a dive to the couch..we clapped and cheered like she just won a gold medal...(in my mind she did) She is walking a few steps..standing in the middle of the room..doing a few jumps, which she is famous for, and then continuing on to the couch….she then turns around, claps and laughs for herself….soo cute! If she is unsure she drops and crawls to her it will be neat to see what progress she has made when I get home tonight.

Sophia...still a wobbly little colt but she did make it up the step in the family room and back down again… so Darcy told me..she did this while he was out of the room..hummmm. He said he came into the kitchen and she was standing at the sewing machine table..then when he came back she was at the phone by the couch in the family room…hummmm I somehow think a fairy swooped down and gave her a little nudge, cause I did not see it

So when I came home tonight my husband said..."we have a surprise for you mommy" Houston we have a climber! When I walked in the door she climbed right up the one step in the family room and zoomed on over to me….and her climbing has not stopped there…to our amazement she has already climbed the entire set of stairs….with mommy in tow of course. What a little monkey…..yesterday she was whining to get someone to help her up the step in the family room and today conquering the stairs…her moto is if I cannot do it right the first time then I will wait until I can.  No more racing back and forth like a caged monkey, crying until someone comes over and gently guides her up and over the step.

I am glad that my husband is home some of the time to witness these events, cause hearing about them from someone else would make me feel guilty for going back to work and not being there for them. I do not want to miss anything that goes on in their lives, I want to be there to share the triumphs and pitfall, cause face it, we all know how live goes and anything we can do to make it better for the ones we love, we do!


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  1. Rebecca,
    I meant to write several days ago...the blog is adorable and I love the pic here of the girls. So cute! It was nice to see you at Kevin and JoAnn's party and compare baby notes. One day your girls can read this journal which is another reason to do it - for them! Would give you my e-mail, but I prefer not to post it here...look me up under Tim's name in the phone book and hopefully we'll chat soon!